tessuti e ingranaggi tessili

“We work to create knitted fabrics by uniting the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, the know-how which is handed down from father to son, the Biella ethos of a well-made product and the development of new fabrics which meet our customers’ needs”.

There’s a secret to how we create the fabrics our customers want: we combine the traditional craftsmanship we learnt from our family and the Biella people with research and innovation, focusing on the creation of new and exciting weaves.
We design our fabrics with you. We believe it is important for the customer to be involved in every stage of the research and development process.

This enables us to create textiles which are not only innovative but also respond to your needs.
We aren’t afraid of your ideas and input: we want to include them.
By founding cm tessuti in the Biella region, it comes as no surprise that we are surrounded by many local companies who not only share our culture but also the traditional know-how of our region’s history. It’s like being one big company.

“We understand each other. Not only do we share an industry, we also share a culture. We have the same dedication and drive to develop a philosophy. If you grow up surrounded by your industry, you can't help but fall in love with what you do.”

Rocche di filato

It is with a touch of arrogance that Biella claims to be the beating heart of Italy’s textile industry, but for us this is a true source of pride. Here, fibres are transformed into something wonderful and special, thanks to natural elements like water, the historical companies with their unparalleled knowledge of fabrics and finally the workers, the true children of this land, who love their work and dedicate themselves to it with skill and devotion.

Contact us

  • Chrimartex
  • Via Pietro Maffei, 552 - 13836 Cossato (BI) - Italy
  • +39 015 981516
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The weave of Italian tradition.

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