Stoffa e ingranaggi tessili

“We weave cutting-edge innovation into the Italian tradition of fabrics. Yet we haven’t forgotten the importance of tradition: our innovations are founded on the traditional craftsmanship which has always gone hand in hand with the development of Biella’s textile industry. This pride we take in the production of something which is both beautiful and well-made just like it was 40 years ago is what brings innovation and tradition together”.

Our work is founded on uniting the traditional know-how, of the Biella region and the 100% Italian production of our knitted fabrics, combined with the search for the best yarns and fibres and an appreciation of what we are asked to create. Our most important goal is to produce new and exquisite fabrics based on your ideas.


Our work is rooted in tradition, linked to the past which has woven the history of the textile industry and continues to enable us to create high quality products.


We are creators and heralds of the Made in Italy philosophy, creating our fabrics through skilled craftsmanship.


We work alongside our customers to create something new.



As well as the heritage of craftsmanship and know-how of knitted fabrics, the past is also home to our history and traditions.


Biella is more than a region: it's a cradle of knowledge. To create quality fabrics, we have chosen to work alongside local companies in Biella who share our philosophy, our working values, our commitment and our vision of excellence.


“We work to create knitted fabrics by uniting the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, the know-how which is handed down from father to son, the Biella ethos of a well-made product and the development of new fabrics which meet our customers’ needs”.

made in Biella 100%

creativity 70%

friendly 80%

Contact us

  • Chrimartex
  • Via Pietro Maffei, 552 - 13836 Cossato (BI) - Italy
  • +39 015 981516
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The weave of Italian tradition.

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