To make our knitted fabrics we use high quality fibres and yarns produced by companies who share our values and culture.
We produce cashmere, wool, cotton and silk fabrics as well as various other compositions, blends, jacquard fabrics and elasticated fabrics.
Our values are reflected in our working processes, our style and our being, as well as in our choice of the companies who work with us.

Our production takes place within the walls of an ancient factory in the heart of the Biella woollen district, an area which has never ceased to weave the history which created it. It is a continuous cycle which is born and reborn: a dynamic driving force which goes beyond the concept of weaving warp and weft and generates an endless creative process.

“The values which connect a region to its people are also linked to the know-how which is generated in that region.”

Rocche di filato

Quality control

Quality control plays an important role in our philosophy, our values and the way in which we interact with our employees. They know their work well and do it with passion and pride.

We want to focus on quality, and for this reason quality control is carried out in a number of phases:
  1. The first checks are made at the machine by the designated employee and thanks to a photo cellular screen which indicates any anomalies in the fabric the machine is producing.
  2. The woven fabric then undergoes the second check in the tube. Only at this point may the fabrics be sent to the finishers. We work with the leading companies in the field of textile finishing.
  3. Another control phase takes place here, where the colours, selvage, fold and stability of the material is checked.
  4. Once the items are sent back, they undergo another check and only at that point are they labelled and accompanied by a map denoting the weight, quantity and any defects.
  5. Then the fifth and final stage takes place. where the garments are subjected to external certified checks which repeat the whole process and guarantee the quality.

Contact us

  • Chrimartex
  • Via Pietro Maffei, 552 - 13836 Cossato (BI) - Italy
  • +39 015 981516
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The weave of Italian tradition.

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